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Announcing.... [Sep. 26th, 2004|04:47 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
sueslayers, so you all can do my job for me.

I mean, join in on the fun!

(I was going to just convert this journal into a community, but that would involve losing all the posts, so I just created a new one)
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The triumphant return of Andie and April [Dec. 2nd, 2003|07:43 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |Law and Order]

Well, I like this girls. So, I had to to look when I saw this fic featuring everyone's favorite Spike fangirls. I swear, these girls are one step away from a username of "Spikesgirl". These girls have a seriously skewed view of... everything.

Title: No way in Hell
Author: Elizagoth-Dracula

Sue name: Andie and April
Sue Power: Going through and dragging other people into their television
Possesions: A magical television, Buffy DVDs
Sue appearance: None stated
Connections to canon?: Canon characters appear in their reality
Bizarre origin: The real world

The Worst part: Well, we've had repeat offender authors, but never a repeat offender sue. Also, this doesn't even fit into their own twisted canon because they already met these people. The other one came out to be 14 chapters, I dread that with this one. There doesn't seem to be much of a plot here, they aren't even trying to mess up things like they were last time. Also, it's more about them than it is about the characters, so it barely is fanfiction.

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I might have thought yesterday's was the worst... [Nov. 30th, 2003|04:32 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |bitchybitchy]
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There are way too many of these. Here it is, another child of Buffy and Spike (still no explaination of why) and I think this one could even be worse than the last one. Maybe, it's hard to say, because this one does have something sort of resembling length. So here it is, in all its mind-numbing, Angel-bashing "glory".

Title: Anne Okay, it's no good using episode titles for your fiction, even if that's the name of your character. At least her name isn't Independence Summit.
Author: Glorythehellgod

Sue name: Anne Summers
Sue Power: Ability to reduce Spike to a pile of mush and make Angel evil. Slayer-type abilities.
Possesions: a leather duster
Sue appearance: "A teenage girl walked down the street. She was wearing black baggy pants, A black tank top. She was wearing a leather duster and her hair was blond. She was a petite girl."
Connections to canon?: Buffy and Spike's child... How? They give a stupid explanation that has to do with "life-giving love" and other such crap.
Bizarre origin: First, she's the child of a slayer and a vampire. Impossible. Second, Willow sped her growth for a battle and she still manages to be smarter than Angel, because, you know, Angel is just stupid and evil and trying to destroy the twoooooo wuv between Buffy and Spike < /sarcasm>

The Worst part: Okay, Angel hasn't been overjoyed with this Buffy and Spike thing and Spike hanging around at W&H, but I can't see Angel (Angelus is different of course) punching a 14 year old girl, annoying as she may be. Spike is an angel (no pun intended) and Angel is evil evil... oh aren't we just unbiased. Oh, and this "aging for battle" thing is way worse than time travel.

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I've returned! [Nov. 29th, 2003|09:08 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Law and Order: SVU]

After a bit of an unannounced hiatus, I've returned!

And this sue I have here... it's beyond words. It's just bad. There is some poor reviewer trying to help this girl with her story, and I applaud her for her efforts, because this girl needs serious writing help.

Title: Indie the Vampire Slayer *insert name joke here*
Author: yorkiegirl26

Sue name: "Independence Sum- itt, call me Indie" I'm convinced that Buffy has lost her mind, to name her kid that
Sue Possessions: None
Sue Power: a slayer who time travels
Sue appearance: "a blonde with baby blue eyes"
Connections to Canon: According to the summary, is the child of Spike and Buffy
Bizarre origin: Comes to the past for unexplained reasons

The Worst part: 3 chapters, 450 words. That should be enough, but there is also the unexplained plot holes (although I'm not sure there can be holes in a non-existant plot) and no breaks between paragraphs. And there is the begging for reviews in an authors note that takes up all of chapter two. This is so classic sue.

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Willow Daughter sue [Oct. 5th, 2003|04:27 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |random sports news]

Title: Isara Rosenberg
Author: cloudofcalm

Sue name: Isara "Izzy" Tara Rosenberg (there are more OCs that pretty much are sues, but I will concentrate on the one that gets the name of the story)
Sue Power: Witch
Possesions: none stated
Sue appearance: none stated
Connections to canon?: Willow's adopted (I think) daughter, probably going to be paired with Anya and Xander's son
The Worst part: Well, it's certainly not the worst I've ever had, but the daughters from the future certainly don't make me happy. And when any author tries to be inconspicuous about putting couples together it also makes me not happy. Also, the fact that she couldn't decide if Willow birthed her or not was sort of weird. And the little AU fact of Anya not being dead.

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Bad. [Sep. 30th, 2003|09:11 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |Law and Order]

This is bad... and let me just say it, it BURNS!

Title: The BOY who called himself SLAYER & his vamp GF I made sure to copy it exactly for the full effect.
Author: snowfox2

Sue name: Robin and Avi
Sue Power: Robin: slayer, Avi: vampire with a soul
Possesions: each other... awwwwww *gags*
Sue appearance: "The girl stepped forward. Her jeans were covered in dirt and dust from the earlier fight. Her low collar, white shirt was covered in blood, but her leather jacket was fine. She walked right up to Buffy" "The boy moved next to her. He put his hand on her shoulder gently. His raven black hair was in a pony tail at the back of his head. He wore a black T-shirt that was covered and dirt and blood, black jeans only slightly baggy and a cross on a chain hanging low off his neck. His eyes were a bright green and stood out considers in the rest of him was black and colorless"
Connections to canon?: Boy is a slayer, Giles said he would help him. They have this Buffy/Angel ripped off relationshop
Bizarre origin: the boy is a slayer (which takes away the whole point of the show), and the girl is a vampire who has a sticky soul. The council wants to kill him because they are mad that they were wrong (?????)

The Worst part: Well, the female in the superhero role has always been integral to Buffy, and now stu comes in and kills it. I'm also tired of special people whose souls don't go away when they are turned.

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I've been meaning to do this one [Sep. 21st, 2003|05:19 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |Charmed]

Title: The Watcher
Author: Nevermore

Sue name: Janna Van der Haas
Sue Power: Slayer
Possesions: none stated
Sue appearance: "He looked the girl over closely, starting with her raven black hair, the green eyes, pale skin, and her short yet extremely athletic frame. She was doubtless involved in some kind of sports in her high school."
Connections to canon?: Xander is her watcher, she works at the new chain of magic boxes
Bizarre origin: I personally think the going around and pretending to be psychiatrists that the watcher's council is doing is a little odd...

The Worst part: Well, the writing in this isn't so bad. It's just the way she is all "juvenile delinquent" and her parents are oppressive and all those other cliches. And the way her parents just happened to call the watcher's council for her "problem"

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Script-form Slayer Sue [Sep. 14th, 2003|09:40 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |Football Game]

Title: Complements: Season One Uh-oh, that means sequel
Author: The Burning One (or, one who makes my eyes burn)

Sue name: Cassandra O'Reilly
Sue Power: Slayer
Possesions: Friends - John, a living vampire (Don't ask me how that works, Lily, a 1/16 wiccan that is still very powerful, and watcher Micaela
Sue appearance: none stated
Connections to canon?: Assigned to her own little special hellmouth by Giles, Willow comes to help with a spell.
Bizarre origin: none

The Worst part: The script form, the living vampire, the circle of friends that looks like it is to be the new Scoobies, the way she tries to make a "new" series and it ends up being the old one rehashed.

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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2003|09:29 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |Law and Order]

It's an AU "The Gift" slayer. Repeat after me, no slayer is called (until chosen) unless Faith dies.

community plug: A friend of mine kasuino made a community called smash_the_sues

Title: Trembling Stars <~~ stars do NOT tremble... award for worst title?
Author: Cynthia Weald

Sue name: Cynthia (surprising) Collins
Sue Power: Slayer type things
Possesions: none stated
Sue appearance: None stated
Connections to canon?: New slayer after the gift, assigned to Giles as a watcher even though Giles isn't even in the council anymore
Bizarre origin: Gets called after the Gift, moves to Sunnydale

The Worst part: The constantly rehashed plot of a new slayer after the gift (don't know why all the sue writers wanted poor buffy to stay dead), outcast status in her town, all knowlegeable about slayers before she's called...

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"Alpha Slayer" [Sep. 8th, 2003|08:41 pm]
Buffy, the Sue Slayer
[mood |bitchybitchy]
[music |Law and Order]

And in honor of pottersues repeat offender week, we have a little repeat offender of our own.. this girl's a part of "Ally the Vampire Slayer", creators of "Old Meets New" AND "Conviction"

Title: Revelations of a Teenage Slayer
Author: WickedWillow1

Sue name: Dulce (Dul-cee... that goes against my minimnal Spanish knowlege...)
Sue Power: "Alpha" Slayer
Possesions: None
Sue appearance: A lot of the older people in town see me as trouble, with my purple streaked hair, and nose ring.
Connections to canon?: The so-called "Alpha" slayer. I knew the slayers would soon figure out a way to still be able to be the best with all the new slayers
Bizarre origin: Mom is a maid and she never sees her much, lives with her brother and his wife. Willow suddenly shows up at her house and tells her she's the ultimate slayer

The Worst part: This whole Alpha Slayer thing is a ploy to still make her the most important thing in the world. If there was such a thing it would be first Buffy or Faith, and then one of the potentials of season seven, being them, I dunno, experienced. She's a pseudo punk in a West Virginia town, with a boy she likes who obviously likes her back.

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