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Slay the Sue

Buffyverse: Special Sue-slaying Unit

Buffy, the Sue Slayer
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"Buffy, my spell... it backfired," Willow said, sadly.

"What happened?" Buffy said, wondering what could have gone wrong.

"Well, not only did it awake new slayers... it awoke some other things too. There's this special class of evil beings, they look just like us, except better of course. They're called Mary Sues."

"You awakened Mary Sues? This is bad, Willow, how are we going to deal with them all?"

"Don't worry... this time, we have some help."

Buffyverse Sue of the Day

This is one of the many sue of the days (created by pottersues), for the fandom Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel too, should there be any there). What I do is I pick a story that is classified as a mary sue fic (marysues for more on that concept) and rip it apart to no end.

If you find your story here, please don't flame! Chances are, I or someone else commenting probably gave some constructive criticism that you might want to take to heart.

Also, this journal has no other purpose then to vent frustrations. No malice is intended to the author of the stories.